Which contact sources does CloudSponge support?

Which contact sources does CloudSponge support?

Please visit our contact sources directory for an up to date list of our supported address books along with real time availability monitoring.

We continue to add support for more contact sources. If you would like to be notified when we have added support for a particular contact source, please send us feedback at support@cloudsponge.com
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    • Does CloudSponge offer discounts?

      We offer a 50% discount to nonprofits with a 501c3 status. We also offer one month free when you sign up for one of our annual plans. We also also offer a $50 CloudSponge credit for each person that you refer that signs up for an account. Please ...
    • How does CloudSponge handle my users' login credentials for the address book sources?

      In most cases, we never see the credentials. AOL, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all use the OAuth 2.0 delegated authentication frameworks that ensures that their users never have to give their credentials away to third parties like us. For the other ...
    • What address books does CloudSponge support?

      CloudSponge supports Google, Yahoo, Outlook.com, Office 365, AOL, iCloud, Microsoft Outlook, MacOS Contacts, Mail.com, Terra, QQ Mail, GMX, Web.de, Rediff, SAPO, and Mail.ru. Reach out out ot us at support@cloudsponge.com if you have any questions.
    • What languages does CloudSponge support?

      English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.
    • What is a contact picker?

      With the Contact Picker, your users will be securely granted access to their address book library, like Google Contacts. After users select and submit their contacts, the payload will be sent according to your use case and callbacks. For instance, if ...