How much is a CloudSponge subscription?

How much is a CloudSponge subscription?

We have different pricing depending on your needs:

Our Growth plan is $69/month or $759/year (one month free.)
  1. Unlimited Connected Address Books
  2. Universal Contact Picker
  3. Privacy Compliance Service included (Limited time only)
  4. 1 Website Included
Our Branded plan is $189/month or $2,079/year (one month free.)
  1. Everything in Basic
  2. Custom Stylesheet and Fonts
  3. Custom Languages and Labels
  4. Your Branding
  5. 1 Website Included
For Enterprise pricing please contact at
  1. Everything in Branded
  2. RESTful Contacts API
  3. Invoicing and Offline Payments
  4. Security Audits
  5. SLAs
  6. Custom Terms
We also offer Volume PricingThe first 10 licenses are $45 each, sites 11 to 50 are $25 each, then they’re $5 each after that. 
  1. Use your own OAuth credentials
  2. Fully managed SaaS infrastructure
  3. 24/7 automated uptime monitoring
  4. Optimized for privacy and GDPR compliance
  5. Co-marketing opportunities
  6. White-label branding and customizations
  7. Separate settings for each site license
  8. Site-specific analytics and charts
Reach out to us at if you have any questions. 

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    • Why did I get an email stating, "we saw some usage from your account that didn't work?"

      You are trying to use customization features not allowed in the Growth plan. To use customization features, please upgrade your subscription to the Branded plan. If you have any questions, reach out to us at
    • Does CloudSponge offer discounts?

      We offer a 50% discount to nonprofits with a 501c3 status. We also offer one month free when you sign up for one of our annual plans. We also also offer a $50 CloudSponge credit for each person that you refer that signs up for an account. Please ...
    • Is CloudSponge GDPR compliant?

      Yes, CloudSponge is GDPR compliant. If you have any questions, reach out to us at
    • What is CloudSponge?

      CloudSponge is a software-as-a-service product that imports all the major address books. Most websites use our product so that their users don’t have to type email addresses into their referral forms when they want to send an invitation, greeting ...
    • What browsers does CloudSponge support?

      CloudSponge supports the major browsers on Windows, Mac, and mobile systems: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, and Mobile Safari.