How do I install Better Sharing?

How do I install Better Sharing?

There are two ways to install the Better Sharing plugin on your WordPress website.

1. Search and Install from the WordPress Plugin Menu.
Go to: WP Dashboard > Plugins> select ‘Add New’ from the top of the page. Search the list using the keywords 
‘Better Sharing’ or ‘CloudSponge’ and click install.


2. Download the plugin zip file from the WordPress repo.
Go to: WP Dashboard > Plugins>Add New> and select 
‘Upload Plugin’ from the top of the page. Upload the plugin zip file and select ‘Install Now’
Once installed, you should be able to activate it immediately or go to Sidebar Menu>Plugins, find the ‘Better Sharing’ and choose to ‘Activate’ the plugin.
A ‘Better Sharing’ menu option should appear in the WP Sidebar.

Our complete guide to Better Sharing can be found here

If you have additional questions, send us a message at

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