Understanding development, alias, and production sites.

Does CloudSponge charge for development sites and aliases?

We do not charge for development sites or aliases (pinky promise.) However, you do need to reach out to us at support@cloudsponge.com to approve any aliases. 
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    • How are sites billed when I add them to my CloudSponge subscription?

      There are three types of sites that you can add to your contact picker projects, aliases, testing sites, and licensed sites. Testing sites are not charged to your account. Once you add a test site in your CloudSponge portal, it will be automatically ...
    • How do I delete a site from my CloudSponge account?

      Pretend you're adding a site and just do the opposite... we kid. From the sites section of your CloudSponge account, click the trash can icon to delete the site you no longer want added to your CloudSponge subscription. Please note that all changes ...
    • How do I add a site to my CloudSponge account?

      Go to the Sites section of your CloudSponge account. After entering your website, click the green button labeled, "Add New Site." If you haven't done so, your next step is installing the Contact Picker. We're ready at support@cloudsponge.com to help ...
    • How can I approve my site after launching the Contact Picker?

      You need to go to your account and manually add the site to your sites section. Once you have done this, the site will be licensed and will work on your website. We're waiting to help at support@cloudsponge.com.
    • How do I create a project in my CloudSponge account?

      During the onboarding process, you will be prompted to create a new project. Type the name of your project and click the green button labeled, "Create Project." If you already have your account setup and would like to create a new project, click on ...