Scaling Traffic with CloudSponge: Handling Your Load

Can you handle my traffic?

Amazon Web Services hosts the CloudSponge servers with redundancy at every level of the stack and load balancing on our most critical parts. Operating on thousands of websites for several years has given us all the data we need to know exactly how much activity each server instance can handle. Our monitoring thresholds are set at “better-safe-than-sorry” levels to ensure we are notified well in advance of any bottlenecks forming. The ability to instantly launch more server instances, coupled with our generous monitoring thresholds, gives us full confidence that we can handle any amount of traffic your website can send us.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at
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    • How does CloudSponge handle my users' login credentials for the address book sources?

      In most cases, we never see the credentials. AOL, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all use the OAuth 2.0 delegated authentication frameworks that ensures that their users never have to give their credentials away to third parties like us. For the other ...
    • Does CloudSponge save my user’s contacts?

      No. Your user’s address book will stay in memory on our servers for a few minutes so that your website has a chance to download it, but then it’s wiped from memory and never written to disk. If you have any questions, reach out to us at ...